Engineering & Procurement

XRG fulfills an industry gap providing the services of a small and nimble E&P company with extensive fired heater and combustion expertise. Rather than charging exuberant hourly fees providing only project management and pass-through services with very little remaining expertise, XRG is your single source, cost-effective E&P partner capable of solving complex challenges and managing your project from concept to completion. By focusing more narrowly on fired equipment and through strategic partnerships worldwide, XRG gives you back the confidence that your project will be managed and designed properly by engineers who truly understand the fundamentals and have the knowledge and capability to apply other innovative technologies ensuring superior performance.

Solutions Providers

XRG leverages innovative thinking that allows customers to do more with less while improving performance. XRG specializes in solving difficult industry challenges that our customers face on a daily basis. Whether it is assistance with governmental agencies, the need to increase throughput, evaluation of all feasible options to reduce environmental impact, or simply solving the common problem of short run-lengths, XRG has the expertise to help solve all of your fired equipment challenges! 

Revamps & Upgrades

Want more but are limited by capital investment constraints? Are you pushing the limits of your existing equipment? Could you make more with less? Most fired heaters can be modified or repaired to achieve better performance without the need for extensive replacements. If you are a producer wanting to minimize cost, maximize production, ensure high profitability and achieve the shortest payout time, look no further than XRG Technologies for your fired equipment revamp needs.

CFD Modeling

XRG Technologies uses cutting-edge computational fluid dynamics to assist with troubleshooting and problem solving. Breaking it down to basic engineering principles and truly understanding the fundamentals of heater design and performance, the XRG Team excels in providing enhanced solutions to solve the greatest industry challenges. 


Proper training saves money and safeguards your investment by protecting against error and failure. Let XRG help train your engineers today! 

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