Do you need more but are limited by capital investment constraints? Are you pushing the limits of your existing equipment? With a little creativity and knowledge, most fired heaters can be modified or repaired to achieve better performance without the need for extensive replacements. 


XRG Revamp Services

  • Thermal efficiency upgrades

  • Fuel conversions

  • Capacity increases

  • Improving safety and reliability  

  • Emissions reductions

  • Heater life / run length extension

  • Code and standard compliance

  • Flame quality improvement

  • Coil replacements

  • Convection section upgrades

  • Addition of air preheater, selective catalytic reduction (SCR), or selective non-catalytic reduction (SNCR)


If you are a producer wanting to minimize cost, maximize production, ensure high profitability and achieve the shortest payout time, look no further than XRG Technologies for your fired equipment revamp needs.



A large crude heater in The Netherlands suffered from reliability, fouling and capacity problems caused by flame impingement. In addition to eliminating this bottleneck, the client wanted to increase heater throughput by 29% and increase fuel efficiency to at least 90%.  XRG evaluated the system using CFD and in-house software. The scope involved adding a balanced draft system and new burners in a modified arrangement; installing a new floor, heat exchanger, forced draft (FD) & induced draft (ID) fans; revising the convection section; and providing the new flue gas and combustion air ducting.


The existing heater and surroundings were laser scanned and XRG integrated the resulting scans into 3D models, eliminating interferences and ensuring exact fit-up. The outcome was an increase in the thermal efficiency from 78% to 91%, reduced CO2 emissions by 17,685  tons per year, and fuel savings of $1.5 million annually. XRG’s turnkey services included design, material supply, demolition, installation, and start-up support.


We know why and how to fix it.