Refuel Your Future 

Your organization is facing unprecedented challenges in meeting its strategic climate goals.

Now is the time to evaluate options for hydrogen refueling, efficiency improvements, and novel technologies for CO2 reduction in fired heaters and boilers. 

Fuel Conversions

You can reduce your carbon footprint by refueling your fired equipment with hydrogen or ammonia. When planning your refueling effort there is much more to consider than just the Wobbe Index. Your system will experience changes in temperature, velocity, flame speed, radiation heat transfer, and even mass flow. Often, mechanical details can limit the success of transitioning to low carbon fuel and the OEM won’t help. Using our expert combustion, heat transfer, and simulation knowledge, we enable you to achieve max performance. You can select from complete studies, recommended operating practices, purpose-built equipment, and turnkey solutions to hit your low-carbon target now.

Efficiency Improvements 

Efficiency improvements are a win for you on all fronts: save fuel, increase throughput, save money, and reduce your carbon dioxide emissions all at once. For fired equipment, temperature or NOx constraints often limit efficiency increases. XRG has a proven record of increasing efficiency (while reducing CO2 and NOx emissions) by more than 12%. Make your next project green – both environmentally and with greater ROI.

Effieiency Improvments - Grey.png.png
Emissions Reducions - Grey.png.png
Emissions Reductions

With our ever-changing regulatory climate, achieving an emissions reduction plan can provide a strategic advantage for current limits or future capacity expansion. XRG provides site-wide fired equipment emissions reduction plans by evaluating the most cost-effective strategies for each piece of equipment. With our expert knowledge, we deliver a specific plan of action for each unit with detailed performance goals.

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