XRG’s team of fired equipment specialists can serve in an advisory role, to develop ways to improve your facilities operation or help you solve specific problems. We specialize in analyzing and suggesting performance improvement opportunities, focusing heavily on eliminating bottlenecks, reducing emissions, and improving mechanical reliability.

Site Surveys allow us to build models for evaluation using instruments like emissions analyzers, infra-red (IR) cameras, and pyrometers to determine temperatures, pressure profiles, and flue gas constituents.

Advanced Analytics & Modeling tools allow XRG engineers to troubleshoot problems, conduct feasibility studies, provide cost-benefit analyses, and perform thermal ratings. Our in-house CFD and FEA modeling allow us to locate inefficiencies in a system, identify root causes, and develop cost-effective solutions that are unsurpassed in the industry. A typical analysis may include:

  • Evaluation of combustion equipment design

  • Material suitability analysis

  • Assessment of flame quality issues

  • Thermal and hydraulic analysis

  • Vibration root cause analysis

  • Heater & burner re-certification: the assessment of heater and burner performance under conditions that differ from the original design

  • Development of emissions reduction options

Recommendations are developed from the analysis and modeling to provide actionable options for achieving your desired outcomes.