XRG Technologies uses cutting-edge computational fluid dynamics (CFD) as an integral part of our design process and to assist with troubleshooting and problem-solving in fired heaters. 

Computational fluid dynamic (CFD) is a simulation technology that performs detailed combustion analysis of burners in fired heaters to study the flow temperature profiles and the flue gas circulation pattern in the heater. The simulation defines the flue gas flow pattern, heat flux distribution over radiant tubes, tube metal temperatures, and temperature distribution in the heater.

Performing a CFD analysis on fired heaters allows XRG to study the current operating conditions to determine science-based solutions for problematic heaters. 

We couple CFD results with commercial and proprietary thermal modeling software, and Finite Element Analysis (FEA), to provide detailed system analysis, including:


  • Diagnose and solve flame impingement issues

  • Evaluate burner configuration 

  • Analyze and improve heat flux

  • Evenly distribute air flow between burners

  • Identify flow induced vibration issues

  • Solve corrosion issues caused by acid dew point

  • Improve reagent distribution in SCR and SNCR systems


Breaking it down to basic engineering principles and truly understanding the fundamentals of fired equipment design and performance, the XRG Team excels in providing enhanced solutions to solve the greatest industry challenges.


We know why and how to fix it.