We know capital investments are important, so we listen to your needs and help your team quantify and understand the options. Our team will develop the most cost-effective solutions to meet your end goals, without sacrificing performance or reliability.


XRG adds value by bringing a thorough understanding of new technologies which enables us to develop innovative solutions that other companies cannot. XRG guarantees superior performance and reliability by utilizing our proprietary software tools, as well as programs like FRNC-5PC, CFD and FEA.


Our design capabilities include direct and indirect fired heaters, water bath systems, incinerators, heat exchangers, heat recovery steam generator (HRSG), and specialized related equipment.


We combine our expertise in combustion, heat transfer, and CFD to determine the optimal burner layout and firebox shape for new fired heaters to ensure the following:

  • Flame impingement on coils and flame clouds that result in safety and reliability risks are prevented

  • Firebox thermal efficiency is guaranteed

  • Firebox temperatures are calculated accurately, ensuring that emissions guarantees are met

  • Firebox dimensions are minimized, saving on capital cost 

  • Burners produce flames with optimal shape

  • Heat distribution is improved, resulting in lower fouling rates, longer coil life and improved thermal efficiency (lower fuel consumption equaling savings to owner)

  • Technology such as selective non-catalytic NOx reduction can be accurately applied inside the firebox (a technique that requires precise skill of temperature field and residence times inside the firebox)

We have the experience to approach heater design differently. 


XRG provided crucial engineering expertise in the scale-up of one client’s unique patented process to its first full-scale commercial implementation at a greenfield waste-to-energy plant in Oregon. The patented process was designed to convert biomass into a syngas that will be further converted into high-quality renewable liquid fuels. This process forms the heart of a new biorefinery that will convert 136,000 tons/year of waste woody biomass into 15.1 million gallons/year of renewable fuels for the civil aviation industry.


XRG developed a novel method to transfer the heat for pyrolysis into the biomass feedstock while achieving the required residence time and temperature uniformity in the reactor vessel. A combination of external heating and a heated recycle of the process stream was required to successfully achieve the heat transfer sufficient for pyrolyzing of the biomass feedstock. XRG subsequently developed steady-state and transient CFD models to optimize the reactor geometry, the heat transfer into the biomass feedstock particles, and the overall material temperature uniformity of the high-alloy reactor vessel.


This highly customized system, including the design and supply of an 81 MMBtu/h Gas Heater and the detailed engineering analysis of the biomass pyrolysis system, is a testament to our specialized competencies.


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