exergy (XRG):


the maximum useful work possible during a process that brings the system into equilibrium with a heat reservoir;


the energy that is available to be used



XRG Technologies was born on a plane during a discussion about lack of innovation in the industry. New ideas are seldom, and they are even more rarely embraced. Yet, the continuous demand for better performance and lower emissions requires constant innovation and self-reflection. Before landing in Tulsa the concept of a new company focused on knowledge, modernization and progress was conceived.


Elevating the industry to persistently challenge the conventional wisdom that often shuts down creative thinking and threatens progress is a vision that guides XRG. An industry's future depends on its agility to respond to change - which equates its ability to innovate and progress. XRG is creating a company that fosters new ideas, forward-thinking, and collaboration. XRG is determined to impact a cultural change in the industry by no longer accepting the status quo.

Meeting the most demanding challenges in fired equipment design and operation requires the best available technology. XRG Technologies is committed to developing know-how to improve furnace safety, efficiency, reliability and emissions. In combination with other like-minded industry partners, we offer comprehensive state-of-the-art solutions moving the industry forward.

XRG Technologies

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